Radicle (RAD)
  • 16 Jul 2021
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Radicle (RAD)

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Basic Info

Token: RAD

Governance type: Compound Governor Alpha

Snapshot support: Non binding polls https://snapshot.org/#/gov.radicle.eth

Sector: Collaboration tools

Protocol Overview

Radicle offers a decentralized version of Github, the popular repository and collaboration software suite. It replaces existing services’ hierarchical control over data with a peer to peer system for replicating and sharing files across a network. This allows developers to work together without reliance on a central intermediary such as a server hosting their code.

Radicle governance is responsible for directing future development of the protocol, as well as overseeing spending from the community treasury (made up of native RAD tokens as well as assets gained from Radicle’s initial token issuance event).


Treasury address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x8da8f82d2bbdd896822de723f55d6edf416130ba

Links and Resources

Chat: https://discord.com/invite/HRdnwAwGbG

Forum: https://radicle.community/

Github: https://github.com/radicle-dev

Website: https://radicle.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/radicle

Blog: https://radicle.xyz/blog/

Documentation: https://docs.radicle.xyz/docs/what-is-radicle.html

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